Always keep in mind that one of your primary responsibilities as an employee, is to perform your duties in a safe manner.
Maintain an active interest in the safety program. Always attend safety meeting called by your supervisors. Request explanation of points you do not understand.
Never attempt to do a job alone when common sense and safe working practices tell you that assistance in needed.
Be careful in working or moving about the work area so as to avoid slipping, tripping and falling. Running on the job invites accident and you should not run in performing your work under normal circumstances
Smoking and naked lights are permitted only in designated areas. Matches and cigarette lighters are not to be carried outsides smoking designated areas.
Use the protective equipment provided and prescribed for the work you are doing, no matter how inconvenient it may seem to you at first.
Report promptly to your supervisor any injury you sustain while at work, no matter how slight you may consider in injury to be.
When on duty, your mind always be on the job and must strictly follow instructions as instructed.
All loose tools should be placed in toolboxes or in a safe store away from working area and tool must kept clear of moving objects.
Under no circumstances, should you be allowed to work on influence of drugs and alcoholic beverages
Observe all kinds of safety sign i.e. no smoking signs, poisonous gas area, fire etc.
All live plants should be isolated prior to work in the area. Only on authorization by client should you carry out any repair or maintenance work.
Proper tools should be used during maintenance of any plant and should any special tools be required, you should seek the advice of your supervisors.
Machines and equipment must not be operated until the employee understands fully of the instructions and rules to operate such machines and equipment.
All machines or equipment must be reported of its defects and malfunctions immediately. Action should be taken to rectify the problems.
Explosives and inflammable materials must be handled with greatest care and all instructions pertaining to these items must be followed strictly.
Worksites and surrounding areas must be kept in clean and tidy manner. All debris and unwanted materials must be removed after completion of each job. This is to ensure a safe working area and environment.
All personal should strive to maintain them in a state of peak physical and mental fitness so as to be alert and effective at all times.
Personnel shall avoid carrying loads that block their field of vision
Personnel shall avoid placing unusual stress or strain on equipment or in materials.
Personnel shall avoid walking and working under suspended loads, When ills necessary to perform work under a load raised on jacks or suspended by hoisting equipments, the load should be blocked and close supervision must be exercised.
Guards must be placed at all opening in floors; ground and pits when-manhole covers are removed.
All operators of equipment must know the capacities of the equipment which should not be exceeded.
Loose wires, cables and hoses must be placed properly to avoid tripping hazards.
Only officially recommended quantities of toxic chemicals currently needed shall be kept and stored in a safe day place
A load that is too heavy or bulky should not be lifted manually. Use a mechanical device or seek help.
A ladder of suitable length should be used to gain accesses to place that are out of reach from the ground level.
When handling gas cylinders, valve protector caps should always be in place.
When raising materials, be sure there is sufficient headroom. Watch out for beams, pipelines, lights and other overhead obstructions.
Keep the workplace especially kitchen floor free of grease and oil.