It is Abah Agencies (M) Sdn Bhd policy to manage to carry out its business in compliance to authorities' bye-laws, in a manner that ensure the safety of its employees, protect the environment, safeguards the customers' and third party's interest that may be involved in it operations.

We will strive to manage all risks and prevent all accidents, injuries, occupational illness and pollution through the involvement of management and every employee to identify, recognize, control, manage and eliminate risks associated with its activities.

We hereby committed to:

Establish practices, provide training and conduct operations in a manner that safeguard workers, properties, communications and the environment.
Respond quickly and effectively to emergencies, accidents and incidents resulting from its operations
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the industry.
Regular maintenance of company vehicles are recommended by manufacturers.
Ensuring /equipping vehicle with necessary safety equipment and harness.
Regular medical review of drivers in the employment of the Company
Stress to all employees their responsibilities and accountability for the promotion of safety, health and the environment protection.

The Management of Abah Agencies (M) Sdn Bhd regards the safely, health, welfare of the environment as a matter of priority. Safety shall not be compromised in achieving any objectives.

Haji Zainal Bin Mohammad
Managing Director
10th November 2008