It is essential that all persons engaged in the preparation, cooking and service of food are aware at all times of the need for certain elementary precautions of safety, in order to automatically minimize the risk of accident.

Do not leave metal spoons in boiling liquids.
Always carry a knife with its point toward the floor.
Never attempt to catch a falling knife.
Always cut or chop on board. Never keep it in the hand.
When using a hand model can-opener; protect the other hand with a cloth or kitchen jewel.
Always clean up any spilled grease or fat from the floor immediately.
Never use a damp cloth for lifting or carrying hot utensils.
Pans containing hot fat which catch fire should be extinguished by smothering with an asbestos fire blanket or a thick damp sack. Never pour water on a fat or oil fire.
Long hair styles should be 'put up' and covered with a clean head cap or similar means of protection.
For safety, as well as economy, all gas and electrical appliances must be turned OFF when not in use.
Make sure that the FIRST AID box is readily accessible and that it contains sufficient waterproof dressings and burn dressings.
Never attempt to carry large heavy containers of hot food single handed, Get assistance.
Do not reach over naked burning gas appliances.
Always ensure that gravity meat slices are adequately guarded.
Ensure that all drainage channel covers are properly fitted.
Never put cleaning fluids into bottles originally used for food or drink e.g. lemonade or milk bottles.