Avoid paper cuts by picking up an individual sheet of paper (page) at the corner, not at the side.
Pass scissors handles first, blades together.
Place pins, thumbtacks and other sharp objects in containers and not loose in the desk drawer or desktop.
Do not place sharpened pencils or other pointed objects with the point upright in a container.
All electrical equipment should be properly grounded.
Report worn or frayed electrical cards immediately.
Report all furniture and equipment needing repair.
Pull out electric plug before adjusting or cleaning any electrical equipment.
Broken glass tops on desks must be removed as soon as possible.
Remove obstruction (cartons chairs! Waste basket etc) from aisle or walking area.
Never leave a desk or file cabinet drawer pulled out.
Report defective carpeting or floor tiles.
Use step stools or ladders, do not over reach.
Do not stand on insecure objects such as boxes, cartons or chairs.
Never lean backwards on a straight chair. Sit with all four legs of the chair firmly on the floor.
Do not read when walking.
Switch off all typewriters and copy machines when not in use for long periods.
Determine the location of the fire extinguisher nearest to you. Learn how to use it and ensure that the area around it is free of obstruction.
Never open more than one file drawer at a time.
Two open drawers can upset the balance of the cabinet.