All personnel should familiarize themselves by knowing the location of the nearest emergency exit, alarms, safety sprinkles, fire floor, fire fighting and emergency equipments and how to operate them.
In certain working conditions, a fire watch may need to be assigned and his responsibilities are: 
Warn the worker in the event of a fire breaking out.
Equip him self with appropriate fire fighting equipment
Eight the fire in the event, that the worker's activities cause combustion.
He must never leave the work area while the worker is still at his job.
All personnel must attend fire-training courses organized by the client or the Company.
All employees should make a conscious inspection of safety equipment and potential hazards in their area of work. Anything found to be faulty or hazardous should be reported to the supervisor.
Any personnel, who discover an oil spill, gas leak and chemical spillage, must inform the supervisor immediately.
If any of the above occurs, all operations must be stopped as necessary and should not restart until the hazards are eliminated.
All chemical containers must be kept well sealed and should be marked naming the type of chemicals they contain.
Concentrated acids must be used only in open/well-ventilated rooms.
Petrol, kerosene or any other similar liquids shall not be siphoned by mouth suction.
When handling acids, appropriate safety equipment must be worn at all times.