The objectives of these safety guidelines are to establish procedures to meet basic safety requirements of the Company, to develop and consolidate workable practices and procedures so as to maintain uniformity by ah concerned and to establish specific responsibilities of all employees for an effective loss prevention program.

ABAH recognized that's all of it's employees are the most valuable assets, it therefore strives to help its personnel for there own health, identifying and preventing ergonomic disorder and protecting against occupational disease and illness by providing a workspace which protect ABAH's employee, contractors and surrounding community. The responsibilities for health are sheared between the individual and the Company.

ABAH believes that safety awareness among the employees can be encouraged by having regular safety discussions and meetings involving all employees in establishing safe working and operating habits. Safety of your colleagues and you depends on you and your actions. Through these guidelines it is expected that all employees will find the means of protecting themselves and those associated with them from accidents which may result in material loss, injury and death which will bring grief to family friends and company.

We hope all employees will follow and work in a safe and healthy working condition by complying with these basic sets of guidelines