Skid fabricator & engineering products


Introduction to Our Engineering Service

The newly established Engineering Office is located in Kuala Lumpur, at No. 37-2, Jalan Pandan Prima 1, Dataran Pandan Prima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur in the city of Ampang, the most robust growth area for oil and gas sector in Malaysia. Other branches are strategically located in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Kelantan as well as numbers of branches in Kemaman and East of Malaysia in Labuan (Sabah). These strategic locations shall provide inclusive atmosphere to the esteem clients for our services and products.

AASB as a customer-driven organization is rapidly expanding to enhance our engineering proficiency by seriously ascertain to fabrication and equipment engineering. Once again we exploit our work force at the competency level to contribute quality design, engineering, system integration, fabrication and maintenance and product solution to provide innovative and cost-effective products and services. Supported by reliable product supplier we offer a broad range of products and services. Through more than 10 years’ experience our team capable to serve for engineering design, system integration, testing and on-site commissioning for a skid system.

Through our hard work and strict methodology, we are successfully accredited and certify ISO 9001: 2008 compliant.

Engineering Office (KL Office)

No. 37-2, Jalan Pandan Prima 1,
Dataran Pandan Prima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. : +603-9200 2080
Fax : +603-9200 2600

Who Are Our Team?

At AASB, we let the Quality works and services speak for it.

We have strong teams who are young, dedicated and committed professionals. With more than 10 years experiences and commitment in the oil and gas industry specializing in engineering and process design, system integration, fabrication, testing and commissioning, we have a strong delivery team to work with you.

Our professionally trained manpower with the company’s years of experiences and track records, we have facilitated the “Chemical Injection Skid System” (CIS) services as our core product to meet the demands of the oil and gas sector in Malaysia.

Organization Chart

Chemical Injection Skid

Our Core Value

One of our leading activity is providing optimum design, engineering and solutions in chemical injection skid (CIS) manufacturing

The Skid

A Chemical Injection Skid is as a dosing system which mainly used to inject chemicals into the pipeline. Generally, the system is mainly support as;

  • well water injection
  • efficient clean-up of production pipeline, and
  • reduction of corrosion either offshore platforms or onshore plants.

AASB as a competent Engineering, Design, Integration, Test and Commissioning of the C.I.S also offers multiple types of skid in the market, such as;

  • Methanol
  • Biocide
  • Pour Point D
  • Corrosion Inhibitors and etc.

We as a QMS; ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization shall effectively serve as a single point of responsibility, traceability and warranty for the entire unit of Chemical Injection Skid Systems supplied.

We provide engineering solutions which serve as after sales services to the clients.

Major Components

A Chemical Injection Skid is a dosing system which used primarily to inject production chemicals into the pipeline process. Consists of 5 main components:-

  • Structural - Skid base, tank support and frame works
  • Piping and Tubing - Regulating (or measuring) fluid flow, convey liquid
  • Mechanical - Rotating equipment (pump, Motor), valves, and safety components and measuring equipment
  • Electrical - instrumentation control
  • Instrumentation - Pressure, flow, level and temperature instruments
Fabrication Activities

There are 5 major activities relates to the fabrication and integration of a skid;

  • Engineering Designs based on clients’ specifications
  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams
  • GA Drawings
  • Equipment Datasheets
Detail Activities (Processes)

1. Design & Consultancy

  • Skid dimension and design parameters calculations
  • Tank sizing
  • Pump characteristics
  • The chemical injection flow rate
  • The Control System Integration

2. Assembly/Integration

  • Project Schedules
  • Procurement/Expediting
  • QA/QC
  • Skid/Tank Fabrication
  • Equipment integration

3. Testing

  • Hydro tests
  • Equipment tests
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT)
  • Functional Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • On-site Commissioning

4. Maintenance

  • Commissioning Spares
  • Start-up Spares
  • 1st and 2nd year Spares
  • After Sales Services,
Engineering Software

CIS is an advance engineering fabrication with high technology characteristic features. The strength begins from the design / engineering phase using the latest engineering software to facilitate range of work throughout the designing process of skids.

  • Solidworks 2011 X64 Edition
  • AutoCad LT2011
  • AFT Fathom 7.0
Applicable Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Specific statutory and regulatory requirements related to product conformity are:-

  • IP65
  • EExd, EExme, EExia
  • NACE MR – 01 – 75
  • API 6FA
  • EN 50014, EN 50281, EN 50020
  • API 6D, EN 50039 : 1980
  • Baseefa02ATEX0124x/1


Project Track Record

2008 / 2009
2008 / 2009
Project Title Value (RM) Client
1 Gumusut Kakap (Riser Basket, Gas & Liquid Filter & Strainer) 25,817,000.00 MMHE
2 J4 Dev. Project (Chemical Injection Skid) 1,967,676.00 KHL
3 BUNGA ORKID-A (Filtration) 3,251,000.00 PASIFIC UTAMA
4 SK309/311 PHASE 1 (Chemical Injection Skid) 6,736,486.40 MURPHY
5 MNLG Tie Pipe Fitting 497,431.00 MURPHY
6 B11 KA Deionizer Pkg 1,609,940.00 MMHE
7 DPS-Manual Valve For FPSO-Ruby 1,912,899.60 DPS BRISTOL
8 D1 Cluster – Piggable Wye 783,814.50 PCPP
9 T/Barat W/head-MLDP/LHDP-A – CIS 779,469.00 SDE
10 KAKG-A CCP (Seawater Strainer) 4,570,000.50 SDE
TOTAL 47,925,717.00
1 Tapis EOR & Rejuv. Project (Tapis Q), CDTP (2), ODCP (1) 3,153,952.22 MMHE
2 Tapis EOR & Rejuv. Project (Tapis R), WWP (1), O&CDCP (4), SWLP (2) 7,807,532.00 MMHE
3 Teluk Gas Dev. Project (Telok A, Telok B), WWP (2), ODTP (2), DTP (2) 4,935,512.00 MMHE
4 Chendor Phase 2 Dev. Project Seawater Booster Pump (3) 2,031,600.00 MMHE
5 Chendor Phase 2 Dev. Project Seawater Lift Pump (3) 6,600,000.00 MMHE
TOTAL 24,530,607.22
1 Chendor Phase 2 Dev. Project Emergency Diesel Generator Set (1) 886,938.00 MMHE
2 EOR Brnfld Mod. & Ret. Pjct. (Tapis A, Tapis C), CDTP (2), CDTP (2) 6,294,082.14 SHAHPADU
TOTAL 7,181,020.14
1 South ACIS Project Seawater Lift Pump (2) 3,220,000.00 Brooke Dock Yard
2 Damar A Platform (Topside) WWP (1), ODTP (1) 2,469,000.00 MMHE
TOTAL 9,553,312.00
1 PERMAS SWLP, WIP 10,900,000.00 THHE
2 Pump Spares 2,430,711.00 EXXON
TOTAL 13,574,011.00
TOTAL USD223,058.00



AB Engineering (SKID)

Skid Design and Engineering comprises of pumps, motors, mechanical items, instrument items and etc. The system will be designed and fabricated by our team according to clients’ requirement. All the skids are custom-made. Each system has different function and usually defines by clients requirement.

Sterling Pumps

Pump Division is dedicated and specialized in providing the pumps solution mostly for the oil & gas industry as to support its main activity such as the engineering, fabrication, installation, testing, commissioning, and training.

We also provide after sales and services for all kind of pump sets supplied by our company.


TIMEX is a global player, whose expertise in the sectors of filtration and separation of solids, liquids and gases, including the engineering, designing, manufacturing and supplying of the filter elements and filtration systems.


Explosion Proof Equipment

  • Electrical Motors
  • AC/DC Power Su
  • Solar System
  • Marine Light
  • Navigation Aids
  • Generator
  • Switchboards
  • Junction Boxes Glands and others accessories


  • Manifold
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Tubing and Fitting
  • Orifice


  • Power Cables
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Breakers
  • Lighting
  • Calibration Tools
  • Sensors & Detectors, UP


  • Switchgear Modification, Tap Changer Service and Other Installation Jobs