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ABAH AGENCIES(M) SDN. BHD (AASB) is recognised to handle and service the Oil & Gas industry, generating diversified activities in both the upstream and downstream sector.

We provide unique, umparalleled and efective solution to enhance and add value to your business

We have the required expectise in handling the demands of the even chellenging industry with a proven track record that span decades in servicing and representing various multinational corporations worldwide.

We are led by experienced profesionals that are knowledgeable in various diciplines and industrial best practices with the common ability to demonstrate the highest levels of expertise in performing their tasks.

Vessel Clearance

01. Vessel Clearance

  • Vessel clearance inward or outward (for local or international port clearance)
  • Documentation prepare and submission of ship’s document to the respective local authority
  • CIQ teams / authoriy boarding clearance officer – for clearance and inspection including transport and authority handling (vessel first time arrival)
  • Immigration clearance for landing or outward pass attending and ensure government and port authority procedures are meet
  • Communication, misc and transportation for clearance keeping rack of expire date of the ship’s / license certificate
  • Continuous assistance and to be instantly contactable to meet vessel’s requirement
Crew Handling

02. Crew Handling

  • Monitoring of personnel movement
  • LG, sign on/off, working permit as well as records & updates crew/passenger list, visas & working permit with pertinent data for each on behalf client
  • Provide general services such as meet, assist, received or sending off personnel from or to job location via sector boat/chopper, travelling, transportation, purchasing air ticket, accommodation, meals, medical, etc
Freight Forwarding

03. Freight Forwarding

  • Handle all logistics activities such as preparation, issuing, provide and submit of customs, shipping and commercial documentations ( such as C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C8, C9, commercial invoice, packing list, delivery order, etc )
  • Preparation and securing approval on all customs documentation for importation or exportation of material / consumable, equipment, spare parts, other accessories and paying the necessary duties tax on behalf client
  • Customs consultancy, attending and advising to all customs requirements for all importation and exportation.To offer a wealth of applications suitable for all transportation are needs and preparation
Special Project

04. Special Project

  • To advice on SHIP/TUG ETA & ETD port/offshore location to all parties
  • To arrange & booking pilotage, berth occupancy for vessel to alongside wharf
  • To arrange for fresh water & bunker fuel oil
  • To arrange & booking lifting equipments for discharge & loading cargo
  • Provide open storage yard, warehousing & office space
  • To arrange, assist & supervision cargo loading & discharging
  • Monitoring of cargo operations & personnel movement
  • Preparation, issuing and submission of cargo manifest to local
  • Government authorities, port authority, ships master, offshore reps. And client c/w r.O.B for fresh water & fuel oil
  • General & trading - provision supply, handling equipments, spare parts, consumable and others

05. Engineering

  • Front-end engineering design and detailed engineering
  • Project management
  • Mechanical, Electrical product, Instrumentation, piping and equipment installation
  • Maintenance services
  • Skid design, testing and commissioning


AASB as a customer-driven organization is rapidly expanding to enhance our engineering proficiency by seriously ascertain to fabrication and equipment engineering. Once again we exploit our work force at the competency level to contribute quality design, engineering, system integration, fabrication and maintenance and product solution to provide innovative and cost-effective products and services. Supported by reliable product supplier we offer a broad range of products and services. Through more than 10 years’ experience our team capable to serve for engineering design, system integration, testing and on-site commissioning for a skid system.Through our hard work and strict methodology, we are successfully accredited and certify ISO 9001: 2008 compliant.


  • Shipping and Forwarding
  • Logistic
  • Crewing
  • Warehouse facility
  • Project management
  • Maintenance services
  • Front-end engineering design and detailed engineering
  • Mechanical, Electrical product, Instrumentation, piping and equipment installation


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